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Revolutionary recruiting software

Built for the emerging cannabis industry

Attract the best job seekers

Ignite cannabis hiring. Attract motivated applicants, and hire faster. Easily post to job boards, social media, and cannabis industry channels. Route job seekers to the best job match. No more posting manually nor sorting through resumes. Save time and money.

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Hire in a few clicks

Quickly engage job seekers with our breakthrough candidate relationship management (CRM) and applicant tracking system (ATS). Communicate collaboratively by sharing profiles, notes, and schedules to manage candidates through engin’s effective hiring process. Easily integrate into your payroll platform, and start onboarding your new hires. 

Hires that fit don’t quit

Too many entry-level cannabis employees leave too soon – a costly revolving door, detrimental to employers and workers. engin’s smart matching tech considers the skills – and the whole person. Our cannabis industry and company culture expertise support your growth by helping hire and retain the best.

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Partners in our network

Cannabis education

An engaging range of courses teach job seekers about the cannabis industry and how to be successful employees. Credentialed candidates’ badges are displayed on their profile so they move to the top of your candidate funnel.

HR advisor

FlowerHire’s dedicated team of experienced talent and recruiting professionals help cannabis companies build, scale, and retain world-class teams. FlowerHire Senior Advisors provides high-touch consulting services.

Business integrator

Würk is a human capital management (HCM) tool and solution. Würk effectively manages existing employees at rapidly growing companies and normalizes the economy of cannabis.

Social justice advocacy partners

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About engin sciences

engin is a people-focused recruiting software and management system. We focus on people – the foundation of your company – to skyrocket teams to success in emerging industries.

Stronger teams

We specialize in helping companies in emerging industries hire the qualified talent they need to catapult toward success. engin attracts the best talent and matches companies with employees for faster hiring and longer retention. Strengthen your company for both now and in the future.

Engaged workforce

In a young industry, many potential candidates don’t know that cannabis jobs even exist, nor how to apply. If they are aware, they’re not sure how their skills will transfer. We help candidates present themselves in the best light possible so you can find happy, qualified candidates who love their job.