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Recent industry insights

The minds at engin sciences pay a great deal of attention to current issues facing employers and job seekers. Here is some of our thinking about best-practices and successful solutions.


What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is often lumped together with conventional notions of traditional recruitment. But recruitment marketing…
The engin platform is a resume magnet illustration

5 ways to amplify an employer brand to job seekers

Cannabis is one of the most exciting sectors of business across the United States, with…
engin helps companies hire in a job seeker's market illustration

Securing cannabis talent in a job seeker’s market

By now, the term “The Great Resignation” should be as familiar as “Covid-19.” During the…
employer-of-choice trophy on

Becoming an employer of choice in cannabis

It’s no surprise that the competition in cannabis is fierce. And trying to find the…
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Seedling – the funding to grow a mighty business

Seed round funding is a key indicator for startups. Sure, it helps young companies (like…
engin [hearts] employer brands

The importance of employer branding for cannabis (and other emerging industries)

"Branding is an emotional connection, make it a priority." – Beth Rudai, Senior HR Manager,…
Spark-e, the AI recruitment assistant, by engin.

Meet Spark-e, your AI recruiting assistant

  Meet your very-welcome new tool (and co-pilot), Spark-e by engin.   The team at engin…
new hires in the holidays are a gift

Happy holidays –for hiring

Contrary to popular perceptions, the holiday season encompassing Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s –…