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Recruitment marketing is often lumped together with conventional notions of traditional recruitment. But recruitment marketing goes far and beyond any conventional methods and right into an advanced engagement approach for job seekers.

Defining recruitment marketing

The goal of recruitment marketing is to attract, engage, and retain talent through a targeted approach by meeting a candidate where they are versus a conventional approach of waiting for cannabis candidates to approach the business and apply for open positions. Targeted approaches include defining and amplifying the employer brand, reaching candidates through social networks, and building relationships with job seekers through email and ad campaigns targeted at a section of the talent pool.

how the engin platform benefits hiring graphicToday’s top cannabis recruiters recognize that talent acquisition from outside of the industry is incredibly valuable with a need to attract job seekers with transferable skill sets. As a result, cannabis recruiters recognize that building a strong employer brand, becoming an employer of choice, and engaging with candidates in a timely fashion ultimately improves the quality of hire and leads to increased retention rates.

The goal of recruitment marketing is to attract job seekers to an employer, not merely to specific roles within a company, but by leveraging your cannabis employer brand and raising awareness at the top of the talent pool.

Why recruitment marketing works in cannabis

Popular positions within cannabis are oftentimes the frontline/hourly roles (e.g. dispensary budtender, delivery drivers, cultivation assistants, and dispensary managers) but there’s a looming issue in the industry for retaining each of the individuals in these roles. The average frontline/hourly worker in cannabis churns after the first 60 days within their role, which means that an ever-present cycle of back-filling positions takes place within most cannabis companies. Even more alarming are the costs associated with this. The latest SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) report indicates that the cost of replacement for high-churn positions averages between $3500-$6000 per employee.

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The amount of time spent recruiting top-talent for open positions within cannabis companies ultimately eats into the overall budget and creates a sense of uneasiness within any organization. Successful cannabis recruitment marketing takes a team dedicated to optimizing job distribution and amplifying a company’s employer brand to leverage major job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and other mainstream job boards while automating the entire process to avoid recruiter fatigue.

Download engin’s 2023 cannabis salary guide

The engin platform centralizes the process of cannabis recruitment marketing, allowing cannabis corporations to sift through the noise and get to the signal faster by improving time-to-hire and targeting cannabis-curious professionals which results in time and cost savings. Ultimately, there are thousands of candidates from outside of the industry waiting for their shot at long-term career growth with a skillset that has been acquired from their experience outside of cannabis as is proven by the 65,000 candidate profiles that are currently reported to be seeking a career in cannabis.

Dozens of cannabis companies across the US, including FlowerHire, STIIIZY, and Columbia Care trust engin, the only cannabis recruitment marketing software – to recruit smarter, hire faster, and retain longer.  

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