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Industry thought leadership

Smarter recruiting, faster hiring, and longer retention

engin keeps the pulse of industry expertise and data to build and leverage new resources to set the pace for emerging industry hiring trends.

Prep for success in 2024

Download our free, handy checklist of topics you need answers for to position your cannabis business for successful hiring and growing in the new year. See how prepared you are.

engin insights – 2024 preparedness checklist

The State of Cannabis Employer Branding report

The engin team with our deep AI expertise analyzed employee sentiment to gain valuable insights for employer brands across the industry.

The State of Cannabis Employer Branding – a report by engin sciences

engin’s Sept 2023 salary guide

A comprehensive look at cannabis industry salaries across the US.

The State of Cannabis Industry Salaries September 2023 edition by engin sciences

Customer case study brief

To keep pace and continue scaling, leading brand STIIIZY needed to hire employees faster, save time, and increase quality applicants.

engin customer success brief for STIIIZY


engin spreading the word about the importance of building stronger and better teams.

Thinking Outside the Bud

Sloane Barbour, CEO and Co-founder of engin, discusses the current challenges of hiring in cannabis and how challenges will affect the industry in the next decade.

Recruiting for Success

Sloane Barbour, engin CEO and partner at cannabis recruiting agency FlowerHire, discusses how the success of the cannabis industry comes down to the people. People want passion, purpose, and meaning in their careers. The cannabis industry represents hope. engin seeks to power hope in cannabis.


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The engin team presents regularly at conferences and at public-facing informative and strategic industry events. Here is a sampling.

Cannabis performance planning for 2023
Lawyer Jeff Schultz on New York cannabis
CEO Shareef El-Sissi on cannabis business models
Green Flower’s Max Simon on the importance credentials
Creative Director Jamie Leo with CEO Sloane Barbour webinar on Best Practices for Training Employees graphic featuring M. Simon and M. Perry


engin team members are invited to write and be interviewed by respected industry online and print publications. Curated resources for cannabis industry critical thinking and strategy. Worth a read.

Why the cannabis industry should rally behind New York
Free the Plant, Free the People
7 Challenges of Recruiting in the Cannabis Industry
Taking Action Toward An Antiracist Cannabis Industry
When Do Cannabis Companies Need to Hire HR
Cannabis Employee Retention Strategy