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Recent industry insights

The minds at engin sciences pay a great deal of attention to current issues facing employers and job seekers. Here is some of our thinking about best-practices and successful solutions.




Mapping US dispensary growth

Understanding dynamic dispensary distribution across the US is crucial as the cannabis industry evolves. Explore the patterns in dispensary distribution based on regional trends, urban-rural populations, and the distinction between medical and recreational markets.  Read post


new hires in the holidays are a gift

Happy holidays –for hiring

Contrary to popular perceptions, the holiday season can actually be a great time for job seekers to look for work – and for companies to post job openings. Here’s why.  Read post

Spark-e, the AI recruitment assistant, by engin.Meet Spark-e, your AI recruiting assistant

Spark-e is engin’s AI chatbot avatar that helps job seekers find relevant job openings, optimize their resumes, and prepare for interviews. Spark-e also helps companies screen candidates, prequalify them, and analyze data from candidate interactions.  Read post

engin [hearts] employer brandsThe importance of employer branding for cannabis (and other emerging industries)

To accompany our groundbreaking report on the state of cannabis employer brands, we offer you reasons why employer branding is an important investment for creating positive company associations in the minds of potential and current employees.   Read post

money sprouts – illustration on engin.coSeedling – the funding to grow a mighty business

Becoming a globally disruptive industry starts with seed round funding. Here are some considerations about how seed funding helps companies get off the ground and test business models.  Read post

employer-of-choice trophy on engin.comBecoming an employer of choice in cannabis

Recognition of employees and their contributions to their company helps mitigate the risk of churn and nutrition, specifically within front line roles that a company is filling.  Read post

engin helps companies hire in a job seeker's market illustration

Securing cannabis talent in a job seeker’s market

How cannabis companies can hire most effectively in a highly-competitive job seeker’s market.  Read post

The engin platform is a resume magnet illustration

5 ways to amplify an employer brand to job seekers

Amplifying cannabis brands to job seekers boosts reputation, motivates the workforce, and elevates brand exposure.  Read post

how the engin platform benefits hiring graphic

What is recruitment marketing?

Cannabis recruitment marketing attracts job seekers to an employer – not just to specific job roles – by leveraging an employer brand and raising awareness at the top of the talent pool.  Read post