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As the cannabis industry continues to burgeon, there’s a critical component guiding its success: Employer Branding. We’re thrilled to introduce our ‘State of Cannabis Employer Branding’ — the first of its kind to illuminate the practices of top industry players while highlighting opportunities for improvement that absolutely effect bottom line. Our analysis of cannabis employee reviews across the United States highlights internal sentiment + provides actionable insights for employers who want to enhance their employer brand and increase employee retention.

Intelligently distribute job listings

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Automate your recruitment process

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Match hires with their ideal cannabis job

The platform for your entire hiring cycle

With visibility into source performance, budget, and candidate quality, hiring teams make better decisions for improved hiring and retention. Elegant AI-powered tech connects local job seekers, engages them with clear messaging, and drives them to the right jobs, at the right time – for a great fit.

engin is the only full-featured talent candidate relationship management and applicant tracking system that distributes jobs to cannabis-specific job boards and partners throughout the country.